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Product Design Strategy Gives Competitive Advantage at Regal Marine

Regal Marine was founded in 1967 in Florida by Paul Kuck. Regal is one of the top ten ships in the world, exporting to 30 countries, including Russia and China. Regal Marine uses a computer aided design (CAD) system. The new design comes to life using Regal's three-dimensional CAD system borrowed from automotive technology. The aim is to reduce time, from concept to prototype to production and also to reduce problems with production equipment which result in superior products.

            All Regal products, from the $ 14,000 19-foot boat to the $ 500,000 44-foot Commodore yacht, go through a similar production process. The hull and bow of the boat are produced by hand separately by spraying the unformed mold with three to five layers of fiberglass coating. The hull and bow of the ship are allowed to harden, then they are lifted to form the top and bottom structures of the boat. They are then taken to the assembly line, combined, and various components added to each workstation.

            Ship parts made of wood, cut in advance by computer-controlled machines, are delivered on time to be installed at a work station. The engine - one of the few components that Regal purchased - was installed at another station. The electric cable rack is arranged and drilled by yourself, then it is installed. A department is in charge of installing custom made seats and beds, as well as dashboards or other components that use cushions. Finally, the chrome gear was put in place and the boat was sent to the Regal test tank for tightness, size and system testing.

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