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fungtion wallpaper 3D

 Wall paper or so-called wallcovering sticker is a special paper that is affixed to the wall. This paper consists of various colors and patterns that can be used to enhance the appearance of a room. Currently, there are so many wallpaper installation services that sell them with various types and variations according to your needs.

With very diverse motifs and patterns, wall wallpaper is of course more preferred because it can be adapted for all types of room needs. Besides you can use wallpaper installation services, the use of this wallpaper is also more economical than paint because it won't fade. Here are some of the main functions of installing wallpaper:

Beautify the appearance of a room

Using wall wallpaper is not limited to just covering the walls. But also as an addition to the room decoration to make it look prettier and more beautiful. With wallpaper, the interior of the house will feel more real without taking up a lot of space.

as a wall covering

It is undeniable that the walls that have been built for a long time will be damaged over time. Whether it's peeling wall paint, cracked walls and much more. Now using this wallpaper can be an effective solution to cover the deficiencies in the walls of a room.

Covering from various scratches and scratches

For those of you who have small children, of course the wall becomes one of the targets that cannot be avoided as a medium for playing, whether it's for drawing, writing or just scribbling on it. You certainly can't prevent them from doing it, can you? Therefore, installing wallpaper is the right choice to cover the various scratches and scribbles that your child has made.

Protect the walls

In times of erratic weather it can indeed cause walls to become damaged. By using wallpaper, you can prevent all of that from erratic weather which can damage the appearance of the walls of the house. Usually wallpaper installation services will use this type of vinyl material for this purpose because it is resistant to water.

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