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The Story of Islamic Motivation Old Grandparent And Thief Papaya

The story of Islamic Motivation this time that is telling about a simple old grandfather and thief papaya. One evening, he saw that the papaya fruit in front of his house had begun yellowing on some sides of his pepper and was ready to be harvested. The old grandfather planned to harvest the fruit the next day so that the fruit was completely cooked evenly. However, in the morning, the old man saw that one of his paws was gone and was stolen.

The grandfather suddenly arrived so sad, until his wife was surprised when he saw her husband so sad.

"Why are you so moody just because a papaya is gone" said the wife.

"Not that it makes me sad" the grandfather replied,

"I am saddened by the thought, how difficult it is that person takes our papaya. For the sake of a papaya, he is willing to hide in the middle of the night in order not to be known. Not only that, to be able to pick it he must also climb it. "

"Then Bun" continued the grandfather, "I'll put the ladder under our papaya tree, and I hope he comes back tonight and if he wants to pick another one, he will not have to climb and have trouble getting the papaya that".
But in the morning, the old man saw that the papaya was still there and the ladder was still exactly the same as he put it yesterday. He did not move the ladder, and hoped that the thief would come tonight. But on the next morning, the papaya fruit is still on the tree.

Bring two big papaya.
In the afternoon, there is someone who came carrying two big papaya visited the house of the grandfather. The grandfather did not know any of the guests. short story, after talking long enough, when wanting to excuse the guest is very sorry to admit that he was the one who had stolen papaya grandpa.

"Actually" said the guest,

"The next night I wanted to again steal the remaining papaya fruit. However, when I found a ladder under a tree, I was awakened and at that moment I was determined not to steal anymore. Therefore, I want to restore your papaya and to be able to make up for my mistake, I give you a papaya that I just bought in the market for you ".

The above story may be just a simple story. But there are benefits we can learn from the story that is about patience, virtue, sincerity and also a positive way of life. Can we be positive when we lose something we love with sincerity? then look for the good side and then forget the pain of a disaster? Hopefully this Islamic motivation story can be a reflection and useful so that we can live better and under any circumstances can still think positive.

-Warm regards to all of you from see you on other life motivation stories and Success for all of us. ^ _ ^

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