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Kindness Hidden Like the Evil

This article about the kindness that is hidden like a badness is sent by a friend of the innocent reader who feels this story can be useful to all readers of the innocent.

The story begins with two close friends who are both studying in the same high school, Ahmad and Zainal, both coming from different family backgrounds. Ahmad is smart and smarter among his friends, coming from a family with a mediocre economy. On the other hand, Zainal who has the ability to learn standards, even his family has good economic ability and can guarantee its future someday.

Long separated, finally both met again in a mosque, precisely in a corridor ablution a beautiful mosque beautiful architecture in tea plantation area in Puncak Bogor. A wonderful coincidence, in which two old friends can suddenly meet without a plan.

Zainal, who has been lucky from the start, now looks different from a classy appearance, like a successful manager. His appearance is so neat, complete with expensive shirts and also ties, but still still obedient to worship at all times, even on the way though. Prayer is still something he never left behind, even though he was on duty out of town, this opportunity that made him visited mosques throughout the journey that he did. Like today, when he stopped and entered a mosque in the area of ​​Puncak Bogor, where he was reunited with his friend Ahmad.

Zainal was so excited, but a little touched to see his best friend there. Ahmad comes from a very simple family, but he is so clever and intelligent than himself, but not once did Zainal think that his friend would be a merbot in the mosque. He greeted his friend with joy, Ahmad welcomed him with no less happy. Both hugged and let go.

"You look so different and classy, ​​Mas, pangling me .." Ahmad said, looking at Zainal who still looks neat tie, even though his shirt sleeves rolled up and uncovered the expensive hours that wrapped around his wrist.

"Not really, ordinary, right .." elegant Zainal smiling at his best friend. His heart pity to see the condition of Ahmad now, inversely proportional to his neat appearance. Ahmad held a mop, with his trousers rolled up half a calf and wore a very simple cap. For a moment he again remembered his friend's cleverness, before finally thrusting a business card to Ahmad.

"That's great you, Mas. Now is the manager of the area? "Ahmad said as he read the card in his hand.

"Later after my prayer we talk again, Mad. Sorry, if for example you are interested in finding a better job, in my office it could be. You can work more appropriately, than the present one, Mad. Apologize first.."

"Yeah, we'll talk about it later, yeah. Thank you .. "Ahmad replied with a smile. Both split up and resumed activities. Zainal took ablution and rethought the fate of his best friend, while Ahmad went back to his work. When going to pray, Zainal again saw his friend was busy cleaning and he felt pity again.

After performing his prayers, Zainal's eyes circled around him, hoping to find Ahmad there, but a young man behind him greeted him.

"Sir, do you know the father of Haji Ahmad Engineer?"

"Engineer Haji Ahmad?" Zainal said a little surprised.

"Yeah, that was just talking to you."

"Oh .. Ahmad means .. I know, he was my schoolmate in junior high school. Ahmad has a haj now? "

"It's been a long time, sir. From before this mosque was built by him. "This last sentence suddenly makes Zainal shocked and confused, especially after the young man was told about the mall and also hotels in the area there is also owned by his friend. How wise is his clever friend, how not? With what he had, he did not even show off his wealth, but he only showed off his simplicity. This is an example of kindness that is hidden.

Many people like to show off their goodness or possessions and hide all their ugliness. But in this story we can learn not only the ugliness that must be hidden but the wealth and the good also need to be hidden and not exhibited.

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