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Smoking Children, Who's Wrong?

Still fresh in the memory, a boy named Sandi who had become the talk of many people due to unusual habits at the age of smoking. In the video that many circulating in cyberspace, showing if the way of smoking Password is like an adult. When looking at the video, a few questions arise, how can Sandi get a cigarette ?, did his parents let him?

It's common for us to see a group of young people who are either schoolchildren or uniformed, some of them must be smoking. What's worse, elementary and junior high school kids who smoke this tobacco.

Factors that cause this may be only trivial. It may start from the parents who often tell their children to buy them cigarettes, then the child was wondering why his parents love to eat cigarettes. Though a child is usually happy to imitate the behavior of his parents.

According to Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (PP and PL) Kemenkes RI, Prof. Dr. Tjandra Yoga AditamaSpP (K) was quoted from, more than a third of the students reportedly smoking, and there were 3 out of 10 students declaring smoking for the first time under 10 years (The Global Youth Tobacco Survey, 2006).

The Global Youth Tobacco Survey (2006) in Indonesia 64.2% of school children surveyed reported exposure to secondhand smoke during their stay at home or became second hand smoke (SHS). More than 43 million Indonesian children live with smokers at home. Global Youth Tobacco Survey (2006) reported 89% of children aged 13-15 are exposed to SHS in public places. Children exposed to SHS have decreased lung growth, are susceptible to respiratory tract and ear, and asthma.

Looking at the data above, it is seen if the family has an important role to play about the habits of a child who smokes. Of custom in the house would be a habit outside the home. Not to mention parental supervision that can not be full for 24 hours increase the possibility of minors to smoke. Environmental factors also affect this. School environment and children's play should also be considered. Not infrequently a teacher smokes in front of his students during break or school. It also triggers a child's curiosity to smoke.

Seeing that, maybe the minimum age limit rules of smokers should be more attention. Restrictions on the prohibition of consuming and buying cigarettes by children under the age of 18 years have often seen in the mass media advertising. But what happens in the field is contrary to that ad. Cigarette vendors seem to ignore the rules. Children are made easy to get cigarettes. Easily the children get a cigarette, will certainly give effect to the environment to children who do not smoke.

In this case the government does play a big role. If the government is more assertive in the regulation is not impossible the number of smokers in Indonesia will be much decreased. But to achieve that the government will meet a large stone, among others, the cigarette producers will make a big protest, because given their profits will be reduced drastically, with reduced profits they are the cigarette laborers to be a question mark, how the fate of the tobacco farmers.

Most smokers are actually aware of the dangers of cigarettes but perhaps because they realize too late that they are already hooked by it, and there is no intention to stop. It was too late because it was possible that he started consuming the cigarette as a child and he did not know anything about the dangers of cigarettes, and when he found out it was too late and in his mind was planted it was difficult for him to get out of cigarettes.

But the desire of various parties to reduce the number of smokers will not be realized without cooperation from various parties. Whether that's from parents, cigarette distributors in the sense of cigarette sellers, and the government. For what if there is no cooperation from parties it is impossible to achieve all that.

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