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Make Nails Stronger And Thicker

How To Make Nails Stronger And Thicker All of us sure want to have nails that are thick and strong nails to become more beautiful. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can make the nails become easily broken. Laundry soap, the activity of which we often do, even the utensils can accidentally damage the structure of the steel nails. If is often broken, of course, we will not be able to design our nails as beautiful as possible. Cultivate nails back also is not quite easy. But, just quiet. Here there are 6 tips that we can try to create strong and healthy nails.

Always attention to The Nails

Use latex gloves when washing dishes or doing other work that may harm the nails. Not good if the nails are too long steeped in water. In addition, the alcohol content can also make your nails become easily broken. Avoid hand SOAP or hand sanitizers that contain alcohol, Yes. Not only is alcohol, chemicals in SOAP can damage the structure of nails so try everything possible so that you may use products made from natural. Most important, stop make you nails as tools to peel or scrape anything in after them!

Drink Plenty Of Plain Water

Believe me, the white water has many benefits for the health of our body, including the nails. Plain water will keep your body hydrated in order to keep the nail cuticle which means we also. Plain water will ensure our body in good shape with the amount of oxygen and body fluids. We can also drink beverages that contain lots of protein so that the nails stronger.

Don't Let The Nails Too Long

If you nail too easily broken, it's good you cut nails to taste. Long nails will obviously be more easily broken because of the ongoing touch of objects around you. Furthermore, the more short nails look neat and friendly.

Diligent use of Cuticle Oil and Hand Cream

Diligent use of Cuticle Oil and Hand Cream
The frequent-frequent nail will ensure the damming remains nutrients well. Hand cream will also maintain the health of the skin around the nails so that bacteria will not be easy to get into the nail. For a cuticle oil, could use a Cuticle Essential Oil which has to package such as lip balm so it is very practical to use whenever and wherever.

Try DIY Nail Soak


Soak the finger in olive oil to provide humidity and strength on the nail. Castor oil, argan oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, and tea tree oil is also great for nail cuticles. Combine ingredients that owned into a basin and then soak fingers into it for 10 minutes. We can gently massage the area around the nail so that the marinade during the process of oil absorbed into the nail.

To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Nail polish remover may make our nails becomes very dry because of the content of alcohol. For you who really like to paint the nails with assorted color, make sure you use long lasting Nail Polish so the U.S. not to need frequent-often using a remover. Use the top coat is durable and the hydrating base coat for Oxygen products such as Smoothing the cuticle Base Coat and Top Coat Performance Oxygen.

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