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Characteristics of Heart Disease and Heart Disease Drugs

The heart is one of the vital organs in the body. The heart is able to pump blood throughout the body. Heart disease is also one of the most common types of killer diseases in the world. Heart disease can affect both men and women, for that you must know the characteristics and symptoms of heart disease in order to be prevented or dibatai early. Recognizing early symptoms and features of heart disease is an early treatment effort to save yourself and those closest to you.
Here are the characteristics of heart disease:

1. Chest Pain Chest pain is one of the characteristics of a person affected by heart disease. However, not all chest pain is the beginning of heart disease, but because of other symptoms such as blockage of the arteries. 
2. Headache Headaches can also be one indication of a person affected by heart disease. When a person gets a headache because of a beam of light, they usually have heart problems. So it can affect the heart rate can be faster or vice versa. 
3. Tiredness If you feel fatigue but you do not do the activity then you should immediately check to the doctor, because it could be you have a problem in your heart. 
4. Exit Sweat When you move or exercise is very reasonable if you sweat. However, if you sweat when not in the move then you should be more vigilant because it could be a trait you have a problem in your heart.
5. Nausea People who have heart disease are usually symptoms initially in the beginning with the swelling in the abdomen so that the person will feel nauseated and no appetite.
6. Anxiety Excessive anxiety can cause a person affected by heart disease. 
7. Shortness of breath Shortness of breath occurs due to blood vessels that block the flow of blood throughout the body. So it can cause irregular heartbeat, abnormalities in the heart valve and thickening of the heart muscle. 
8. Swelling Swelling can occur when there is accumulation of fluid in the body. It can also be one indication of someone having a heart disorder.

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In addition to symptoms of heart disease there are also some causes of heart disease include: 
- Foods that contain high cholesterol 
- Less exercise 
- Smoking 
- Lack of rest 
- High stress 
- High blood pressure 
- Obesity
- Diabetes 
- Heredity
Types of medicinal plants natural heart disease include:
Red fruit
How to: Drink red fruit oil once a day on a regular basis.
How to: Blend the melon fruit using 50 cc of water. Then minnum melon juice 2 times a day regularly morning and evening.
How to: Prepare 200 grams of watermelon then blender using 50 cc water. Drink 2 to 3 glasses per day.
How to: Make garlic juice then add honey to taste. Then drink 2 times a day every morning and night.
Green beans
How to: Boil green beans with 3 cups water then let up to 3/4. Then eat regularly 3 times a day.
Black Sugar Cane Root
How to: Boil 30 grams of black sugarcane root for about 10 minutes. Then let the roots to settle down after that drink 3 times a day.
In addition you can also make potions using the following ingredients:
- 15 grams of ginger
- 50 grams of banana peel
- 20 grams of brown sugar
Wash all ingredients, then boil all ingredients with 600 ml of boiling water until the remaining half. Strain and drink 2 times a day regularly.
Well, other than that heart disease patients should also avoid some taboos, among others:
1. Foods that contain cholesterol such as shrimp, squid, crab, brain cow, fatty meat, goat meat, organ in animals, eel, duck, cow's milk, egg yolk, chicken skin, processed foods chicken meat.
2. Foods that contain trigleserin such as coconut milk, cooking oil, and margarine.
3. Foods containing alcoholic sugars such as alcohol, tepe and durian.

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