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A Diaper Cake Step By Step

How To Make A Diaper Cake Step By Step Grant of new babies into fashion to give the diaper cake. It is not only beautiful but also very creative!
And most importantly, the cake from the oven do not need diapers. All you may need – is diapers, patience, and imagination.

This tradition gives the usual newborn diaper cake comes to us from the West, and more precisely in the United American diaper cake congratulates the future mothers and babies at the Baby Shower party. Festival was held before the baby must be born.

to make the diaper cake almost everything: toys, rattles, pacifiers, baby bottles, powder, lotion, and other amenities, which can be useful for parents to care for toddlers. By the way, in the diaper cake, you can hide a bottle of champagne or other hot beverages.

Diaper cake master class options:
to make the diaper cake a lot. You just need to show imagination and patience with them. The first thing you need to do is to decide how many layers of cake with.

to make the diaper cake you will need:

  1. Diaper Please specify the number and size of the diaper. Diapers are not necessarily for newborns, because of babies born size too different. Somehow for kids diaper 0 months be the same as well with someone for two months will not be enough. Therefore, in order not to get caught, either buying diapers size 1 or 2. Better to ask the parents what they want the diaper.
  2. peg and rubber bands to tie the diaper.
  3. stand or tray, preferably made of cardboard. On it, there is a diaper cake set.
  4. Children toys, rattles, jars, cosmetics for babies, Ribbon, dllHal is necessary to decorate the diaper cake.
  5. towels and diapers. This you have to wrap the cake from the outside. If you do not have towels and diapers, can be used instead of beautiful fabric or wrapping paper.
  6. Bows, ribbons, etc.

The first step is to rotate the diapers. Diapers play should be done with clean hands. Diapers grew from the Pack, don't turn around and play from the gums. In order that the structure did not collapse, the diaper should be twisted tight enough. diapers play told the pin or rubber band.

diaper cake layers are not shifted in different directions, in the middle of the tray should baby bottles or bottle of champagne. About bottles, stacked diaper folded so as to obtain lower rates from the diaper cake. For pampers is not destroyed, the top layer of rubber sealed. After this Clothespin with the diapers can be deleted, but you can not delete a stronger structure.

Wrap the lower level of the towel cake, diaper, or paper. Fold the fabric so that its width is equal to the height of the layer. Diaper tips fasten beautiful Ribbon with a bow.

the second layer is placed on top of the previous one exactly the same as the first. For the second level, you will need fewer diapers than the first. This layer is also wrapped with a cloth diaper or a beautiful paper and tied with a Ribbon. Don't forget to close the rubber circle!

If you want to leave the two-story diaper cake, and you can make the cake height 3, 4 or 5 floors. Lay the following layers in the same way as before. Just remember that every level should reduce the number of diapers, and rankings-guaranteed beautiful Ribbon with a bow. If the height of the cake turned out to be too high, is located in the center of the wand that will hold the layers.

building the diapers cake, you can start decorating it. To fit this really everything children: pine och ki, cream, powder, pacifiers, rattles, dllDi top plants the cake beautiful soft toys put on the headgear and attach the teat in her mouth.

that during carriage diaper cake not spread and is not contaminated, wrapping the entire transparent wrapping paper cake. On top of the cake, attach the bow. Pictures

Three-Tier diaper Cake with their hands

You will need:

  1. Pampers different sizes – 70 pcs. You can pick up colorful diapers to make a diaper cake from us bright and beautiful.
  2. beautiful tray where you put Diaper your creation.
  3. or layers of fabric to wrap each tier diaper cake.
  4. Rubber, clothesline, PIN.
  5. Beautiful satin ribbons for diaper cake decorating.
  6. rattle, toys, socks, and other baby items to decorate the diaper cake.
  7. Transparency-to wraps gifts.

the first level.

Build three bars from 8 diapers (diaper must be large), namely, you have 24 diapers. Each touch the diaper rolls. To diaper gums do not stick to the sides, gently tucking in. The reels should be tight. The roll is not canceled, secure each roll of elastic diaper or clothes pegs.
When the diaper play, three vacant places them side by side and tie straps. You should get some sort of triangle with three free intervals. Every space is filled with five tubes of diapers. Must get round.
Take one more roll of the diaper and put it in the middle. At the end of the first level of a beautiful wrap paper and told it with a satin ribbon.

second tier.

  1. Play 8 diapers (diaper should be less than the first layer) rolls per roll and secure with a rubber band or a clothesline.
  2. Swivel rolls the other 14 diapers need to be around to impose harvest of 8 diapers crooked. Secure all straps or elastic band.
  3. With paper or diapers and wrapping a second layer of cake, and secure with tape.

the third level.

  1. Play 8 diapers into rolls and secure each roll of rubber.
  2. Input one of the rolls in the Middle, and the remaining 7 units arranged around it. Attach the rubber band.
  3. Take the paper and fold the diaper or a few times. Film width must be equal to the height of the diaper is folded into a roll. Folded diaper wrap rolls. Secure the edges of the diaper pins or rubber that can disguise the beautiful ribbons.

Diaper cake decorates at will. A diaper cake is ready, and you can safely give a newborn!

No doubt, the diaper cake as young parents, and you will make the holiday bright and unforgettable!

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